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Information about
Sir Andrew Luttrell

web site for the Parish Council of Croxton Kerrial and Branston in the Borough of Melton Mowbray and situated in the County of Leicestershire.

"Croxton Abbey, founded about 1150, by William, Earl of Montaigne, Parcarius de Linus, and Sir Andrew Lutterel, for White Canons, or Premonstratensians, and dedicated to St. John the Evangelist. It is said that the bowels of King John, who died at Newark, were buried here."

The site of Croxton Abbey is very near Saltby of Leicestershire and Irnham of Lincolnshire.

In 1362, Andrew Luttrell of Irnham is recorded as making a "grant to the Premonstratensian house at Croxton in Leicestershire of the neighboruring manor of Saltby, on condition that the community should provide two chaplains to pray for his soul. . . ."
from "The Luttrell Psalter" by Janet Backhouse

Is the date of 1150, as shown on the Parish Council of Croxton's website correct?  Is the reference on their site to an Andrew Lutterel more correctly attributable to the 1362 Andrew Luttrell grant?